Law on Division of Matrimonial Assets in a Divorce

In the event of a divorce, all matrimonial assets belonging to the divorced parties are liable for division.

In an uncontested divorce, the parties’ assets are divided in accordance to parties’ agreement. In a contested divorce where the division could not be agreed upon by parties, the Court determines the division of the assets based on prevailing laws and case precedents.

This article aims to provide a summary of how assets are divided in the event of a contested divorce. In doing so, Ms. Hazell Ng examines the leading case authorities on this subject.

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Hazell Ng

Hazell Ng

Hazell is a Director and the Head of Private Wealth and Matrimonial Practice of the firm. Hazell graduated from University of Manchester and completed her legal training in both Malaysia and Singapore. After getting called to the Singapore Bar, Hazell commenced her practice in one of the Big Four Law Firms in Singapore.

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