We act for both individuals and corporations.

Our lawyers have experience in both contentious and non-contentious work.

No case is too complex and no case is too small for us. We bring premium solutions and resolution to the table for all our clients alike.

Practice Areas

  • Construction and Engineering

    WMH Law Corporation provides a full range of dedicated legal services for the construction and engineering industries.

    Drafting and Advisory Work

    In reviewing and drafting the contractual documents, we are sensitive to both your commercial and legal needs. Each contract will be tailored to address any concerns you may have for your project.

    In addition, we also provide critical advice during the course of your project. We will ensure that you are placed in the best position should the matter becomes contentious. At this stage, our priorities are to nip the dispute in the bud, so that you may focus on completing the project smoothly, saving on time and legal costs.

    Dispute Resolution

    Should the disputes become contentious, we will represent you in arbitrations, litigations, and/or adjudications. No claim is too complex or too small for us.

    Our team had also represented clients in international arbitration over major construction projects located beyond the shores of Singapore, with disputed quantum exceeding S$50 million.


    We believe that it is also important for construction companies to be equipped with the necessary legal knowledge to avoid conflicts. At WMH Law Corporation, we aim to provide informative seminars on various aspects of construction law for our clients, including but not limited to the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (more commonly referred to as the “SOP Act”), so that your staff can avoid the common pitfalls.

  • Commercial Disputes

    WMH Law Corporation specializes in all forms of commercial disputes. Between the founders, our lawyers have experience advising on contractual claims, shareholder disputes and various permutations of conflict between commercial parties, both individuals and companies. Our advice is rooted in our firm grasp of market realities and our philosophy is guided by our single-minded focus to seek out commercially sensible solutions.

  • Art and Cultural Property Law

    WMH Law Corporation is the one of the only firms with a dedicated Art & Cultural Property Law practice. With the dynamic growth of contemporary art as an alternative investment, the Singapore-based practice has a cosmopolitan client base which spans art collectors, institutions and artists in Asia and beyond. We have represented museums, commercial galleries, beneficiaries to collections and even arts logistics providers in international and domestic matters. The department also advises on industry-specific contracts, including loan agreements, artist representation and storage agreements. We know that reputation is everything in the art world, and we have established ourselves as the go-to Art Law firm for bespoke advice tailored to your art market needs.

  • Corporate Retainers

    WMH Law Corporation is aware that not all companies can afford (or find it sustainable) to hire a full-time in-house legal counsel / legal department to oversee the legal affairs of the company. At WMH Law Corporation, we provide the option of “outsourcing” all your legal affairs by way of a monthly retainer with our firm. The benefits of doing so, instead of creating a permanent headcount in your company to hire an in-house legal counsel, are obvious:-

    • Lower costs;
    • Instead of one in-house counsel, you have access to a team of three assigned lawyers from our firm;
    • Correspondence can be issued on our firm’s letterhead to third parties in cases of disputes;
    • Being in active practice, we are updated on the most recent major legal developments which ensures our advice is always up to date; and
    • Our expertise extends beyond corporate advisory to dispute resolution. As such, we are strategically positioned to foresee and prevent disputes before they arise.

    Find out the ambit of our corporate retainer over a no-obligation and no-cost consultation.

  • Criminal Law

    WMH Law Corporation provides legal representation to individuals and corporations facing prosecution by government agencies. Our lawyers have vast experience in criminal law, with both our Joint Managing Directors appointed to the Lead Lawyer Panel of the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme, a panel encompassing experienced criminal legal practitioners.

    From mitigation pleas to criminal trials, we will hold your hands and provide you with the defence you require. We are committed to ensure that you are fully advised and updated of the progress of your matter at any stage of the proceedings. Your peace of mind is our highest priority.

  • Debt Recovery and Insolvency

    WMH Law Corporation provides a holistic hands-on approach to debt recovery and insolvency matters (both individual and corporate insolvency) from the stage of issuing a letter of demand, to making of the bankruptcy order and beyond. We act for both creditors and debtors alike.

  • Defamation

    At WMH Law Corporation, we are keenly aware that where your reputation is concerned it is not simply a matter of dollars and cents. Our lawyers are well placed and experienced in defamation suits to not only pursue your financial interests but to also take such necessary measures to preserve your reputation.

  • Employment

    We act for both employers and employees in resolving employment disputes. Our practice includes but are not limited to workman compensation and unlawful dismissal. We will guide you through every step of the process and ensure an efficient resolution of the matter. For employers, protecting your company's reputation in the course of the claim is also our primary concern.

  • Family Law

    Our firm was selected as the top five finalists in South East Asia for the Matrimonial and Family Law Firm of the Year award presented by the Asian Legal Business for the quality of our professional work rendered.

    Our lawyers have appeared before all levels of Singapore Courts in relation to matrimonial disputes. Whether the divorce is contested or non-contested, we will provide you with the quality representation you need in what is undoubtedly your most troubled times. Should there be any dispute over the division of matrimonial assets and or the custody, care and control of the children, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of your case as well as a complimentary session to explain to you the legal intricacies involved.

    In addition, we also provide representation in matters involving the variation of consent or court orders, including but not limited to maintenance issues.

  • Landlord and Tenant

    From drafting of tenancy agreements to resolving conflicts between landlord and the tenant, WMH Law Corporation will provide you with a customized solution tailored to your particular needs.

  • Mediation

    At WMH Law Corporation, your interests are our priority. We believe that “dispute resolution” does not always have to end up in the Court room. Our commitment is to what is ultimately best for our clients. Our founders firmly believe in the mediation process and its benefits for our client’s in terms of time and costs savings.

  • Medical Negligence

    Our firm was selected as the top three finalists for the Medical and Healthcare Law Firm of the Year in South East Asia for the quality of our professional work rendered.

    Our lawyers had represented clients in medical negligence matters, including claims relating to personal injuries sustained as a result of negligent medical treatment. Notably, our lawyers had also represented client in high profile medical negligence matter against large and established institution.

  • Probates and Administration

    We understand that the demise of a loved one is a difficult time. At WMH Law Corporation, we are sensitive to your needs during this difficult period. Let us share your burden. Our approach to Probates and Administration is fuss-free and we will hold your hands through every stage of the process. We will also ensure that the application is resolved expeditiously and effectively.

  • Wills

    As part of personal wealth planning, we are committed to ensuring that your will is comprehensive, meticulously thought out and, of course, in accordance with your wishes. When there is a will, there is a way. Contrary to popular belief, wills are not a privilege for high net worth individuals. Approach us for a non-obligatory consultation on how we can help you structure your will.

  • Community Assist Outreach (“CARe”)

    The Community Assist Outreach, or better known as the “CARe” initiative, is a program designed to make legal services accessible to the lower-income groups.

    As the finalist for the Corporate Citizenship Law Firm of the Year Award for two consecutive years, it is our goal to ensure that no one is deprived of quality legal representation.

    Under the “CARe” initiative, we would offer a reduced rate for individuals with monthly household income of less than S$2,000.00. To prevent an abuse of the initiative, strict documentary proof would need to be furnished. Exceptions would only be granted based on compassionate grounds, on a case-by-case basis.

    The initiative is applicable to both contentious and non-contentious matters.

    Under the “CARe” initiative, the matter would be handled by one of our associates who would guide you through the entire process.

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