Personal Protection Order (ppo) in a Family Context

A PPO is a mechanism which restrains a person (ie. the aggressor) from using family violence against a family member. When a PPO is granted and in force, the aggressor may be liable for imprisonment if he / she ignores and breaches the PPO by continuing to use family violence against that family member. In this article, our Ms Hazell Ng reviews the law on Personal Protection Order (PPO) in the family context and examines when a PPO will be granted as well as what an individual should do when a family member has committed violence against the individual or his/her child.

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Hazell Ng

Hazell Ng

Hazell is a Director and the Head of Private Wealth and Matrimonial Practice of the firm. Hazell graduated from University of Manchester and completed her legal training in both Malaysia and Singapore. After getting called to the Singapore Bar, Hazell commenced her practice in one of the Big Four Law Firms in Singapore.

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