Laws on Shared Care and Control

In this article, Ms. Hazell Ng examines the laws relating to shared care and control. In making orders on care and control, there is neither any legal principals against shared care and control, nor a legal presumption that the arrangement is always in a child’s welfare but rather, the focus is always on the child’s welfare and not the interests or wishes.

In this regard, Ms. Ng would examine three important case authorities on the subject and provide her professional views on how a parent could reconcile the different findings of law made by the Court.

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Hazell Ng

Hazell Ng

Hazell is a Director and the Head of Private Wealth and Matrimonial Practice of the firm. Hazell graduated from University of Manchester and completed her legal training in both Malaysia and Singapore. After getting called to the Singapore Bar, Hazell commenced her practice in one of the Big Four Law Firms in Singapore.

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