Wilbur Lim

Joint Managing Director
Head of Private Client Dispute Resolution Practice
Head of Construction and Arbitration Practice
LL.B (Summa Cum Laude)
Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore


DID: 6514 6351

Primary Focus

International Arbitration, Commercial Practice, Construction Practice, Criminal Practice, Matrimonial Practice, Medical Practice

“Wilbur is the sword and shield that you want on your side when the going gets tough.”


Wilbur’s wide practice includes commercial and construction litigation and arbitration. He also handles a range of criminal and matrimonial matters. Wilbur's clients consist of individuals and large corporations, including foreign listed company with annual turnover of approximately USD$1 billion. In terms of international arbitration, Wilbur had acted as the lead counsel for high quantum construction disputes, with complex issues involving conflict of laws and choice of rules governing arbitration.

Wilbur teaches Construction Law at the Singapore Management University's School of Law as an Adjunct Faculty. He had also been invited to give talks and seminars on a wide range of topics including but not limited to Employment, Private Wealth, Matrimonial, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, and Islamic Law matters. Wilbur's seminars are attended by both practising lawyers and the general public.

He is one of the youngest lawyers in Singapore to be selected as a finalist for the prestigious ALB's South East Asia Young Lawyer of the Year Award in 2016.

Wilbur is also the youngest lawyer in Singapore to be selected for the Asia's "40 under 40 lawyers" list published by ALB in 2017. The coveted list showcases the top 40 outstanding lawyers in Asia under the age of 40, based on their deals and disputes handled, as well as accolades from peers and clients. In particular, Wilbur was lauded for his "remarkable strategies" and "sound guidance" that help clients save on legal costs.

In addition to the above, Wilbur was appointed as a committee member to the Law Reform Committee - Building and Construction Law Subcommittee in 2018. The role of the committee is to examine how the laws governing the industry could be reformed, taking into account the latest developments.

Shortly after having graduated amongst the top in his law school with Highest Honours, Summa Cum Laude (First Class Honours), Wilbur commenced his practice at a Singapore Big Four law firm. He was heavily involved in arbitration, litigation, and construction adjudication during his years in the firm.

Wilbur also takes an interest in medical related cases. Under his stewardship, our firm has been nominated as the finalist for the Medical and Heathcare Law Firm of the Year in the ALB's South East Asia Law Awards 2019.

Wilbur sits as a committee member in the Law Society's Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, Advocacy Committee, Criminal Legal Aid Scheme Committee, and Small Firms Committee. He is presently on the panel of solicitors for both the Legal Aid Bureau and Criminal Legal Aid Scheme. Wilbur is also on the lead lawyer panel for CLAS, a panel consisting of experienced practitioners in criminal law. Concurrently, Wilbur is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.

For his contributions, Wilbur was honoured as one of the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme Top Volunteers of the Year in 2019. The award was presented by the president of the Law Society of Singapore.


Wilbur graduated amongst the top in his law school, obtaining the highest honours, summa cum laude (First Class Honours). Besides being placed on the Dean’s List for four consecutive years, Wilbur’s stellar academic performance also bagged him awards including but not limited to the Michael Hwang Prize for the Top Student in International Arbitration, the Top Student for Property Law, and the Top Student for Ethics and Social Responsibility. He had also represented his law school in the prestigious International Commercial Court Mediation Competition held in Paris, further reinforcing his belief in the effectiveness of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Client Accolades

  • "Mr Lim is a lawyer whom even lawyers go to when they require representation.

  • "Wilbur is a lawyer who listens attentively. He provides remarkable strategies, works on time, and is always available to discuss. His sound guidance also helps us save on legal costs. Further, Wilbur conveys his advice in a simple and logical manner...

  • With a wealth of experience in his field, he was quick-witted and helped us tremendously to the success of our case. Our company is very grateful to have such a top-notch lawyer...

  • "Mr. Lim handled my appeal to the High Court efficiently and promptly. My ex-husband’s appeal was dismissed by the High Court eventually..."

  • Wilbur’s sincere advice, quick preparation of legal documents and speedy responses even after working hours, together with his concern for my well being, have managed to resolve the years of issues that I had with my business partners...


  • Adjunct Faculty of Law – Singapore Management University’s School of Law
  • Committee Member – Singapore Law Commission Building and Construction Law Reform Subcommittee
  • ACIArb - Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • Member – Law Society of Singapore
  • Member – Singapore Academy of Law
  • Advocate and Solicitor – Supreme Court of Singapore
  • Panel Solicitor – Legal Aid Bureau
  • Panel Solicitor – Criminal Legal Aid Scheme
  • Panel Solicitor – Humaritarian Organisation of Migration Economics
  • Lead Lawyer Panel – Criminal Legal Aid Scheme
  • Committee Member – Law Society’s Advocacy Committee 2017
  • Committee Member – Law Society’s Small Firm Committee 2017
  • Committee Member – Law Society’s Criminal Legal Aid Scheme Committee 2017
  • Committee Member – Law Society’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee 2019

Notable Cases (Non-Exhaustive List)

  • Lead counsel in international arbitration with disputed quantum exceeding S$30 million
  • Lead counsel in High Court suit relating to complex construction and engineering claims exceeding S$2.4 million
  • Lead counsel in High Court applications in relation to disputed sums in excess of S$6.9 million
  • Lead counsel in High Court setting aside application exceeding S$12 million
  • Lead counsel in a claim by a patient against a hospital in a high profile medical negligence dispute
  • Lead counsel in a claim by insurance company against sureties in excess of S$4.6 million
  • Lead counsel in matrimonial appeal to the High Court on interim care and control orders
  • Lead counsel in High Court suit involving claims on breach of fiduciary duties and constructive trust, with quantum exceeding S$1.5million
  • Lead counsel for variation applications in matrimonial dispute
  • Lead counsel in medical negligence claims against clinics involving issues of vicarious liability and ambit of independent contractors
  • Lead counsel in claim involving breach of fiduciary duties
  • Lead counsel in construction claims by subsidiary proprietors of condominium against developers
  • Lead counsel in claims by owners of properties against construction companies
  • Lead counsel in a dispute involving defamation claims
  • Lead counsel in claims by ID and construction companies against owners of properties
  • Lead counsel in claims for the breach of commercial agreements
  • Lead counsel in High Court application on a drawn-out matrimonial dispute
  • Lead counsel in a construction and payment dispute between main-contractor and sub-contractor
  • Lead counsel for dispute involving resulting trust
  • Lead counsel for dispute involving breach of Executor's duties
  • Lead counsel for disputes between employers and employees
  • Lead counsel in a dispute between student, yoga instructor, and yoga school
  • Lead counsel for individuals claiming for breach of investment agreements and commercial fraud
  • Lead counsel in numerous contested divorces wherein both grounds for divorce and ancillary matters were in dispute
  • Lead counsel for a civil claim commenced by major luxury brands against an individual for infringement of intellectual property
  • Lead counsel for a dispute relating to the construction and sale of industrial generators
  • Lead counsel for a high profile and widely reported matter involving a female accused charged with blinding a colleague with her heels
  • Lead counsel for an accused person claiming trial and getting full acquittal for a charge in relation to causing hurt to domestic worker
  • Lead counsel for a widely reported matter involving multiple charges for outrage of modesty
  • Lead counsel for foreigners charged with mischief and criminal force
  • Lead counsel for numerous employees charged with Criminal Breach of Trust as a servant
  • Lead counsel for a driver charged with doing an act so negligently as to endanger human life
  • Lead counsel for accused persons charged with consumption of drugs
  • Lead counsel for an accused charged with mischief for damage to a shopping mall
  • Lead counsel for a juvenile offender charged with rioting
  • Lead counsel for a man charged with committing affray in Little India
  • Lead counsel for an offender charged with assisting unlicenced moneylenders
  • Lead counsel for an accused charged with slashing his partner
  • Lead counsel for a high profile matter in which a foreigner was charged for causing hurt with weapon
  • Lead counsel for an offender charged with evading test for drugs
  • Lead counsel for accused persons charged with theft in dwelling
  • Lead counsel for an individual charged with housebreaking by night
  • Lead counsel for an accused charged with cheating offences
  • Lead counsel for an offender charged with robbery
  • Lead counsel for various tenancy disputes